A Sample Using Neural Network for AI Trading

Mark Sea
Hey guys, we implemented an EA based on neural network. Please follow the steps below to know more details about how to develop an AI strategy.

Fintechee integrates with Synaptic JS which is known as an amazing Javascript library for deep learning. The sample used by this tutorial is implemented by SynapticJS as well. This tutorial will let you know how to convert a webpage to a trained neural network which helps you analyze the market step by step. Please refer to other materials if you want to learn the theory of deep leaning.

Tutorial Video

Neural Network

Fintechee aggregates the quotes and merges them into the best quote for brokers.

This sample is implemented by Perceptron, a branch of neural network. Maybe you will ask why not use convolutional NN, which is well-known recently. I think the basic concepts are the same. So, no matter what neural network we are using, our purpose is to make a tool to help us analyze market. And after a long time of practising, we drawed a conclusion that analyzing market is not so sensitive to technical skills. Perceptron is satisfied to help us do that. That's the reason why we don't use complicated neural network structure. In addition, for a beginner, the concept of perceptron is easy to understand. We just need to prepare these stuffs below for constructing a neural network:

After preparing for the struture of neural network, it's the time to program the EA. The process of developing an EA with AI is simple as well. Please do these things:

Please check the source codes below as reference: